Autoimmune intestinal pathology induced by hsp60-specific CD8 T cells.

  title={Autoimmune intestinal pathology induced by hsp60-specific CD8 T cells.},
  author={Ulrich Steinhoff and V Brinkmann and Uwe Klemm and Peter Aichele and Peter Seiler and Ulrike Brandt and Paul W. Bland and Immo Prinz and Ulrich Z{\"u}gel and Stefan H. E. Kaufmann},
  volume={11 3},
Due to their ubiquitous distribution and high degree of structural similarity, heat shock proteins (hsp) are potential target antigens in autoimmune diseases. Here, we describe induction of intestinal inflammation following transfer of hsp60-reactive CD8 T cells into mice. Inflammatory reactions were MHC class I dependent and developed primarily in the small intestine. IFN gamma and TNF alpha, as well as gut-derived hsp60, were elevated at sites of T cell infiltration. Intestinal lesions were… CONTINUE READING
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