Autohypnosis and Trance Dance in Bali

  title={Autohypnosis and Trance Dance in Bali},
  author={Jay Haley and Madeleine Richeport-Haley},
  journal={International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis},
  pages={455 - 468}
Abstract A masterpiece of historical importance, this paper recounts Jay and Madeleine Haley’s trip to Bali nearly 50 years after Gregory Bateson and Margaret Mead first went there. The Haleys met several of the same individuals who greeted Bateson and Mead and made a film they entitled “Dance and Trance of Balinese Children.” This is a fascinating document of a culture and society so different from our own and the technique of dance and trance used to regulate emotion and violence. 
Public Acceptance on Hypnotheraphy as a Complementary Alternative Health Service
The conclusion suggested that the acceptance of hypnotherapy by clients depended on its effectiveness in helping them to cope with their problems and corroborated and slightly added to the five-stages theory of the process of innovation adoption.
Everyday Life Theories of Emotions in Conflicts From Bali, the Spanish Basque Country, and the German Ruhr Area
  • R. Kurilla
  • Psychology, Sociology
    Frontiers in Psychology
  • 2020
Findings from a cross-cultural study on emotions in conflicts in Bali, the Spanish Basque Country, and the German Ruhr Area show that partly different emotions were related to conflicts in the three datasets and that similar emotions may differ in antecedents, conceptual foundation, and behavioral consequences.