Autogamy in the American strain of witchweed, striga asiatica (scrophulariaceae)

  title={Autogamy in the American strain of witchweed, striga asiatica (scrophulariaceae)},
  author={D. Nickrent and L. Musselman},
  • D. Nickrent, L. Musselman
  • Published 2008
  • Biology
  • Brittonia
  • American plants ofStriga asiatica (witchweed), a serious pathogen of corn and other grains that was accidentally introduced to the Carolinas in the 1950’s, exhibit a form of autogamy in which fertilization occurs before the corolla opens. Pollen is shed on the stigma while the flowers are still in bud. Pollen grains germinate immediately and by the time the corolla is open fertilization has occurred. Examination of a native population of the same species in Nigeria revealed no autogamy. 
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