Autofluorescence patterns in short-term cultures of normal cervical tissue.

  title={Autofluorescence patterns in short-term cultures of normal cervical tissue.},
  author={Carrie Brookner and Michele Follen and Iouri Boiko and Javier Galvan and Susanne Thomsen and Anais Malpica and Seiji Suzuki and Reuben Lotan and Rebecca R. Richards-Kortum},
  journal={Photochemistry and photobiology},
  volume={71 6},
Fluorescence spectroscopy has potential to improve cervical precancer detection. The relationship between tissue biochemistry and fluorescence is poorly understood. The goal of this study was to characterize normal cervical autofluorescence, using fresh tissue short-term tissue cultures and epithelial cell suspensions. Transverse, short-term tissue cultures… CONTINUE READING