Autoeficacia y Engagement en estudiantes de Ciencias de la Salud y su relación con la autoestima

  title={Autoeficacia y Engagement en estudiantes de Ciencias de la Salud y su relaci{\'o}n con la autoestima},
  author={M. C. Fuentes and Mar{\'i}a del Mar Molero Jurado and Ana Bel{\'e}n Barrag{\'a}n Mart{\'i}n and {\'A}frica Martos Mart{\'i}nez and M. M{\'a}rquez and J. J. G. Linares},
In the last years, the formative environments are considered as promoters of the integral development of the students. Hence, the renewed interest in positive psychology and its application to the educational field. In this line, the self-esteem will be object of study and intervention, not only for the improvement of the academic results, but also for the development and psychological adjustment of the student. The objective of the present study is to analyze the relationship between general… Expand
[Academic self-efficacy among health care undergraduate students in a Chilean university].
A two factor solution was identified for ABSES: Attention and Participation; Surveyed students had a predominantly passive Self-efficacy, focused in attention and a reduction in self efficacy was noted among second year students. Expand
The Reasons for Doing Physical Exercise Mediate the Effect of Self-Esteem on Uncontrolled Eating Amongst Nursing Personnel
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Association with the Quality of Sleep and the Mediating Role of Eating on Self-Esteem in Healthcare Personnel
The results show that poor sleep quality and type of eating directly and indirectly affect self-esteem and hospital management should implement employee health awareness programs on the importance of healthy sleep and design educational interventions for improving diet quality. Expand
Percepción de autoeficacia general en estudiantes de odontología de una institución educativa privada de Cartagena
La autoeficacia general, es la sensación de competencia total para afrontar nuevas tareas y situaciones dificiles. La expectativa de autoeficacia influye en sentimientos, pensamientos y acciones. AlExpand


Percepciones de autoevaluación: autoestima, autoeficacia y satisfacción vital en la adolescencia
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Escala de autoeficacia general: datos psicométricos de la adaptación para población española
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The influence of motivation and adaptation on students’ subjective well-being, meaning in life and academic performance
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