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Autobiography of Dr Karl Ernst von Baer

  title={Autobiography of Dr Karl Ernst von Baer},
  author={Jan A. Witkowski},
  journal={Medical History},
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The contributions of Karl Ernst von Baer to the investigation of the physical geography of the Arctic in the 1830s–40s
Abstract Although more widely known as the founder of modern embryology, Karl Ernst von Baer played a special role in the investigation of the physical geography of the Russian Empire in the
Haeckel's ABC of evolution and development
Haeckel's work is re‐examine and he is seen as the father of a sequence‐based phylogenetic embryology, and his embryo drawings are important as phylogenetic hypotheses, teaching aids, and evidence for evolution.
Russian comparative embryology takes form: a conceptual metamorphosis toward “evo‐devo”
This essay recapitulates major paths followed by the Russian tradition of what we refer to today as evolutionary developmental biology (“evo‐devo”). The article addresses several questions regarding