Autoassembly of nanofibrous zeolite crystals via silicon carbide substrate self-transformation.


ZSM-5 zeolite nanofibers with a size of 90 nm and lengths up to several micrometers were prepared via in-situ silicon carbide support self-transformation. The morphology and aggregation degree of these zeolite nanofibers could be modified by adjusting the pH conditions, the nature of the mineralizer (OH- or F-), or the synthesis duration. The novelty consists of the preparation of zeolite nanowires without the use of any organogelating agent, along with controlled macroscopic shapes (extrudates, foam monolith) for direct use as a structured reactor. Finally, these materials are catalytically active in the conversion of methanol to gasoline range hydrocarbons (MTG process) and hence exhibit the typical solid acidity of zeolitic materials.

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