Autoantibody signatures in prostate cancer.

  title={Autoantibody signatures in prostate cancer.},
  author={Xiaoju Wang and Jianjun Yu and Arun Sreekumar and Sooryanarayana Varambally and Ronglai Shen and Donald Giacherio and Rohit Mehra and James E. Montie and Kenneth J. Pienta and Martin George Sanda and Philip W. Kantoff and Mark A. Rubin and John T. Wei and Debashis Ghosh and Arul M. Chinnaiyan},
  journal={The New England journal of medicine},
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BACKGROUND New biomarkers, such as autoantibody signatures, may improve the early detection of prostate cancer. METHODS With a phage-display library derived from prostate-cancer tissue, we developed and used phage protein microarrays to analyze serum samples from 119 patients with prostate cancer and 138 controls, with the samples equally divided into… CONTINUE READING