Autoantibody-mediated acquired deficiency of C1 inhibitor.

  title={Autoantibody-mediated acquired deficiency of C1 inhibitor.},
  author={J Alsenz and K Bork and M. R. de Loos},
  journal={The New England journal of medicine},
  volume={316 22},
During the past 25 years, three forms of deficiency of the inhibitor of the first component of complement (C1 inhibitor) with angioedema have been recognized; two forms are hereditary and one is acquired. As compared with hereditary angioedema, the syndrome of acquired C1-inhibitor deficiency is rare, and it is usually associated with lymphoproliferative diseases. We report another type of acquired C1-inhibitor deficiency with angioedema. Two patients with recurrent angioedema but no associated… CONTINUE READING