Autoantibodies to inner ear and endothelial antigens in Cogan's syndrome.

  title={Autoantibodies to inner ear and endothelial antigens in Cogan's syndrome.},
  author={Claudio Lunardi and Caterina Bason and Massimo Leandri and Riccardo Navone and Maurizio Lestani and Enrico Millo and Umberto Benatti and Michele Cilli and Ruggero Beri and Roberto Corrocher and Antonio Puccetti},
  volume={360 9337},
BACKGROUND Cogan's syndrome is a chronic inflammatory disease of unknown origin, characterised by sensorineural hearing loss, episcleritis, and vasculitis. An autoimmune origin has been suggested but not proven. Our aim was to establish whether or not an autoimmune process is the cause of the disease. METHODS We used pooled IgG immunoglobulins derived from eight patients with Cogan's syndrome to screen a random peptide library to identify disease relevant autoantigen peptides. Among the… CONTINUE READING
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