Autistic symptoms in children with infantile hydrocephalus.

  title={Autistic symptoms in children with infantile hydrocephalus.},
  author={Elisabeth Fernell and Christopher G Gillberg and Lennart von Wendt},
  journal={Acta paediatrica Scandinavica},
  volume={80 4},
From a population-based series of children with Infantile Hydrocephalus (IH) 69 patients (mean age 11.7 years) were examined with respect to the occurrence of autistic symptoms. Autistic symptomatology was evaluated according to a modified short Swedish version of the so-called Autism Behavior Checklist. Sixteen of the 69 IH children (23%) reached a score which was considered indicative of autistic symptoms (AS) in the child. This group was compared with the remaining 53 IH children without… CONTINUE READING
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