Autistic disorder symptoms in Rett syndrome.

  title={Autistic disorder symptoms in Rett syndrome.},
  author={Josette Wulffaert and Ina A. van Berckelaer-Onnes and Evert M. Scholte},
  journal={Autism : the international journal of research and practice},
  volume={13 6},
According to the major classification systems it is not possible to diagnose a comorbid autistic disorder in persons with Rett syndrome. However, this is a controversial issue, and given the level of functioning of persons with Rett syndrome, the autistic disorder is expected to be present in a comparable proportion as in people with the same level of functioning. To investigate, parents of 52 females with classical and atypical Rett syndrome (2.4-49.3 years) completed the Developmental… CONTINUE READING

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