Autism-related behavioral abnormalities in synapsin knockout mice

  title={Autism-related behavioral abnormalities in synapsin knockout mice},
  author={Barbara Greco and Francesca Manag{\`o} and Valter Tucci and H. M. Kao and Flavia Valtorta and Fabio Benfenati},
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Several synaptic genes predisposing to autism-spectrum disorder (ASD) have been identified. Nonsense and missense mutations in the SYN1 gene encoding for Synapsin I have been identified in families segregating for idiopathic epilepsy and ASD and genetic mapping analyses have identified variations in the SYN2 gene as significantly contributing to epilepsy predisposition. Synapsins (Syn I/II/III) are a multigene family of synaptic vesicle-associated phosphoproteins playing multiple roles in… CONTINUE READING