Autism Spectrum Disorder

  title={Autism Spectrum Disorder},
  author={Soile Loukusa},
  journal={Handbook of Pragmatic Language Disorders},
  • Soile Loukusa
  • Published 2021
  • Medicine
  • Handbook of Pragmatic Language Disorders



Neural-level associations of non-verbal pragmatic comprehension in young Finnish autistic adults

Although there was no difference between the groups in behavioural responses to ABaCo items, there was more variability in the accuracy of the responses in the autistic group, indicating that pragmatic processing in naturalistic situations still requires additional effort.

Social-Pragmatic Inferencing, Visual Social Attention and Physiological Reactivity to Complex Social Scenes in Autistic Young Adults

A key finding suggests associations between increased moment-level social attention to facial emotion expressions, better social-pragmatic inferencing and greater HRV suppression in autistic young adults are suggested.

Avoiding Ableist Language: Suggestions for Autism Researchers

In this commentary, we describe how language used to communicate about autism within much of autism research can reflect and perpetuate ableist ideologies (i.e., beliefs and practices that discrimi...

“It Defines Who I Am” or “It’s Something I Have”: What Language Do [Autistic] Australian Adults [on the Autism Spectrum] Prefer?

Australian adults who reported having a diagnosis of autism rated and ranked autism-terms for preference and offensiveness, and explained their choice in free-text, showing ‘person on the autism spectrum’ was the most preferred term overall.

Análise acústica do padrão entoacional da fala de indivíduos com Transtorno do Espectro Autista

Purpose This study aimed to analyze prosodic elements of speech segments of students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and compare with the control group, using an acoustic analysis. Methods

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Pragmatic language impairments are universal in autism spectrum disorder (ASD) but specifying their exact nature has proven to be difficult. This chapter briefly traces the history of investigation

A Relevance-Theoretic Account of the Development and Deficits of Theory of Mind in Normally Developing Children and Individuals with Autism

This paper argues that positing a Theory of Mind and mindreading abilities in particular is necessary in order to be able to account for the development and possible impairments of communication in

A comparative study of figurative language in children with autistic spectrum disorders

Difficulties with figurative language have been highlighted by many researchers and people with autistic spectrum disorders (ASDs) as a core problem of the condition. However, few tests exist which