Autism Overflows with Syntheses

  title={Autism Overflows with Syntheses},
  author={Matthew K. Belmonte and Yoram S. Bonneh and Yael Adini and Portia E. Iversen and Natacha A. Akshoomoff and Tal Kenet and Christopher I. Moore and Helen J. Simon and John F. Houde and Michael Merzenich},
  journal={Neuropsychology Review},
Editor: We were surprised to find our case study “Cross-modal extinction in a boy with severely autistic behaviour and high verbal intelligence” (Bonneh et al. 2008) impugned by Professor Waterhouse (2008) as an example of “unsynthesized and hoc theories” cluttering autism research. Our article never purports to constitute a theory in itself, and from its very beginning relates our observations of singlechannel perception to an established theoretical context described in terms of stimulus… CONTINUE READING

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