Authors were clear about hockey-stick uncertainties

  title={Authors were clear about hockey-stick uncertainties},
  author={Raymond S. Bradley and Malcolm K. Hughes and Michael Everett Mann},
SIR — As reported in your News story “Should conservation biologists push policies?” (Nature 442, 13; 2006), academics are reluctant to demand the implementation of schemes to halt and reverse the biodiversity crisis. Conservation scientists seem to fear that taking a position would mean appearing biased, and that this would be better left to others. Using science to conserve biodiversity does not require a biased opinion: it simply requires belief in the results. There is ample evidence… 
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Increasing frequency in off-season tropical cyclones and its relation to climate variability and change

Abstract. This article analyzes the relationship between off-season tropical cyclone (TC) frequency and climate variability and change for the Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean basins. TC track data


Academy affirms hockey-stick graph

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) accepts that climate change is real and that humans and the climate have changed in the last century.