Authoritarianism Goes Global (II): China’s Foreign Propaganda Machine

  title={Authoritarianism Goes Global (II): China’s Foreign Propaganda Machine},
  author={Anne-Marie Brady},
  journal={Journal of Democracy},
  pages={51 - 59}
  • A. Brady
  • Published 2015
  • Political Science
  • Journal of Democracy
Abstract:The People’s Republic of China (PRC) has long suffered from a poor international image and weak “soft power.” The country’s negative image has hindered international acceptance of its rise as a global great power. Because the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP) wants China to “gain face” (yao mianzi) in the international arena, it has in recent years invested heavily in boosting the country’s international approval rating. Yet, to date, China’s considerable efforts to modernize its… 
Xinjiang in China’s Public Diplomacy in Central Asia: Case Study of Almaty
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  • Political Science
    Transnational Sites of China’s Cultural Diplomacy
  • 2020
This chapter presents a case study of China’s public diplomacy in Almaty, Kazakhstan. The research draws on textual sources and media reports, as well as on field research conducted in Almaty in
China’s human rights foreign policy in the Xi Jinping era: Normative revisionism shrouded in discursive moderation
This article applies mixed methods to examine if PRC leadership change in 2012 – from the Hu Jintao government to the Xi Jinping administration – has led to significant changes in China’s
Power, Public Diplomacy, and Cultural Diplomacy in China’s Education: From Soft Power to the Chinese Dream
  • W. Ho
  • Education, Political Science
  • 2018
Over the last two decades, China has a strong interest in pursuing a smart power strategy toward the world and has worked hardly to engage with regional countries economically, politically, and
Rethinking China’s global ‘propaganda’ blitz
  • Falk Hartig
  • Political Science
    Global Media and Communication
  • 2019
China’s global communication activities are mainly perceived as sinister propaganda to mislead international audiences, and related discussions exemplify Western unease about China’s global
Chinese economic diplomacy regarding Portugal: promoting business or concealing geopolitical ambitions?
The main purpose of this paper is to explore the objectives and possible consequences of the Chinese investments in Portugal in the last decade. Are they business as usual in a globalized economy, or
Mediatised Politics: A Persepctive for Understanding Political Communication in China
Through multiple case studies, this essay attempts to paint a general picture of “mediatised politics” in China. The author first discusses several phenomena typical in Chinese political
Exploring the Parameters of China’s Economic Influence
Existing scholarship on Chinese influence is explored, promising directions for future research are assessed, and existing scholarship on these questions are explored.
Building Bridges or Breaking Bonds? The Belt and Road Initiative and Foreign Aid Competition
China’s renewed prominence is the most important development in international relations in the 21st century. Despite longstanding rhetoric of its own “peaceful rise”, China is increasingly viewed as
A review of the current state of research on China’s international image management
Image Management is a crucial aspect of China’s engagement with the world, and the related scholarship has already produced high-quality learned analyses. This article, however, identifies a certain
How Propaganda Techniques Leverage Their Advantages: A Cross-national Study of the Effects of Chinese International Propaganda on the U.S. and South Korean Audiences
ABSTRACT The aim of this study is to explore the effects of recent Chinese international propaganda by adopting a conditional process analysis of U.S. and South Korean audiences. Our study yields


Unifying the Ancestral Land: The CCP's “Taiwan” Frames
  • A. Brady
  • Political Science
    The China Quarterly
  • 2015
Abstract The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) government engages in a vast range of measures aimed at moulding global and domestic public opinion on the Taiwan issue. The Taiwan frames set by the CCP
Challenging America: How Russia, China, and Other Countries Use Public Diplomacy to Compete with the U.S.
Competing aggressively with the United States for the "hearts and minds" of people around the world, many state and non-state actors are funneling significant resources into their public diplomacy
Making the Foreign Serve China: Managing Foreigners in the People's Republic
This book discusses Beijing's Friends, Moscow's Enemies, China Says Yes and No, and how to Cleaning the House Before Inviting the Guests.
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