Author response: Frequency-doubling technology and parasol cells.

  title={Author response: Frequency-doubling technology and parasol cells.},
  author={William H Swanson and Hao Sun and Barry B. Lee and Dingcai Cao},
The authors thank Dr. Maddess for his letter. As previously,1 he suggests that nonlinear Y-like retinal ganglion cells are responsible for the frequency-doubling (FD) illusion, an argument that we challenged in White et al.,2 on three grounds: (1) No evidence was obvious at that time of a separate nonlinear Y-like MC cell class in primate retina ganglion cells; (2) even if there were such nonlinear ganglion cells, the responses of linear MC cells to FD stimuli are robust, and there is no reason… CONTINUE READING


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