Author index for volume 86

  title={Author index for volume 86},
  author={Aaskov and Gabriela 1054 Abdalla John G. 850 Abdalla and M. Reis and Zelalem Abebe and Zelalem and Sarah Acayo and Rogers Acidri and Andrew A. 936 Aebig Emily R. 825 Adjei and Aarti Joan A. 573 Agarwal and Silvia 2 Ahmed Aguilar - Dur{\'a}n and Kamruddin Be - Nazir 703 Ahmed and S. Ahmed and S. Ajjampur and F. Akinbo and A. Alamgir and Michael. and A. Alborzi and Hissa M. 782 Al - Hashami Al - Farsi and Doreen 997 Ali Zainab S. 782 Ali and Claudia Mostafa Mohamed M. 866 Aliaga and G. A. Allison and A. A. Sheikh and Danilo 1054 Amarasinghe Adel Ali H. 782 {\'A}lvarez and Peter 902 Amsalu Ananda 1072 Amico and Teresa 16 Anderson Anderson and A. Winston and E. Angelakis and Rajamanickam and Amwayi Anyangu and Maria Ilma 296 Ara{\'u}jo Adalberto 470 Ara{\'u}jo and S. Almeida and V. Ardillon and F. Berger and Simone Fr{\'e}d{\'e}rique and Robert 320 Brisson and Michael Brisson and Benjamin Brock and Marianna 273 Brown and Clive 5 Brownstein and Lertwut Bualert and Isolda 258 Buisson Philippe 1032 Budnik and Yves 872 Buitrago},
Aaskov, John G. 850 Abdalla, Gabriela 1054 Abdalla, Michel Reis 477 Abebe, Zelalem 792 Abraham, Zelalem 955 Acayo, Sarah 514 Acidri, Rogers 514 Adams, Emily R. 825 Adjei, Andrew A. 936 Aebig, Joan A. 573 Agarwal, Aarti 9 Aguilar-Durán, Silvia 2 Ahmed, Be-Nazir 703 Ahmed, Kamruddin 736 Ahmed, Sabeena 214 Ahmed, Salwa Fouad 866 Aiga, Hirotsugu 972 Ajjampur, Sitara Swarna Rao 214 Akinbo, Frederick O. 441 Alamgir, A. S. M. 58 Albert, Michael29 Alborzi, Abdolvahab 119 Al-Farsi, Hissa M. 782 Al… CONTINUE READING


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