Author Correction: Non-flammable electrolyte enables Li-metal batteries with aggressive cathode chemistries

  title={Author Correction: Non-flammable electrolyte enables Li-metal batteries with aggressive cathode chemistries},
  author={Xiulin Fan and Long Chen and Oleg Borodin and Xiao Ji and Ji Chen and Singyuk Hou and Tao Deng and Jing-Di Zheng and Chongyin Yang and Sz-Chian Liou and Khalil Amine and Kang Xu and Chunsheng Wang},
  journal={Nature Nanotechnology},
In the version of this Article originally published, in the first paragraph of the Methods, HFE was incorrectly given as 2,2,2-Trifluoroethyl-3ʹ,3ʹ,3ʹ,2ʹ,2ʹ-pentafluoropropyl ether; it should have been 1,1,2,2-tetrafluoroethyl-2ʹ,2ʹ,2ʹ-trifluoroethyl ether. This has now been corrected in the online versions of the Article. 
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