Author ' s personal copy Use of N stable isotope and microbial analyses to define wastewater influence in Mobile Bay

  title={Author ' s personal copy Use of N stable isotope and microbial analyses to define wastewater influence in Mobile Bay},
  author={Joshua H. Daskin and Kevin R. Calci and William Burkhardt and Ruth H. Carmichael},
We assessed short-term ecological and potential human health effects of wastewater treatment plant (WTP) effluent by measuring dN‰ and microbial concentrations in oysters and suspended particulate matter (SPM). We also tested male-specific bacteriophage (MSB) as an alternative to fecal coliforms, to assess potential influence of wastewater contamination on shellfish. WTP effluent did not affect oyster growth or survival, but SPM and oysters acquired wastewater-specific dN‰. dN values were… CONTINUE READING


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