Author ' s personal copy The 2009 edition of the GEISA spectroscopic database

  title={Author ' s personal copy The 2009 edition of the GEISA spectroscopic database},
  author={N. Jacquinet-Husson and Loring J. Crepeau and R. Armante and C. Boutammine and Alain Chedin and No{\"e}lle A. Scott and Cyril Crevoisier and Virginie Capelle and Christopher D. Boone and N. Poulet-Crovisier and Alain Barbe and Alain Campargue and Drayton C. Benner and Yves B{\'e}nilan and Bruno B{\'e}zard and Vincent Boudon and Linda R. Brown and Laurent H Coudert and Athena Coustenis and V. Dana and V. Malathy Devi and Sophie Fally and Andr{\'e} Fayt and J. M. Flaud and A. Goldmanm and Maurice Herman and Gregory J. Harris and david. jacquemart and Alan Jolly and Isabelle Kleiner and Armin Kleinb{\"o}hl and F. Kwabia-Tchana and N. Lavrentieva and Nelly Lacome and Li-Hong Xu and A. Maki and Semen N. Mikhailenko and Charles E. Miller and Takuya Mishina and N Moazzen-Ahmadi and Alexander Nikitin and Johannes Orphal and Valery I. Perevalov and Aur{\'e}lien Perrin and Doug T. Petkie and Adriana Predoi-Cross and Curtis P. Rinsland and John Remedios and Mar Rotger and Mary Ann H. Smith and K. Sung and Sergey A Tashkun and Jonathan Tennyson and Robert A. Toth and A.-C. Vandaele and Jacqueline Vander Auwera},
The updated 2009 edition of the spectroscopic database GEISA (Gestion et Etude des Informations Spectroscopiques Atmosphériques; Management and Study of Atmospheric Spectroscopic Information) is described in this paper. GEISA is a computer-accessible system comprising three independent sub-databases devoted, respectively, to: line parameters, infrared and ultraviolet/visible absorption cross-sections, microphysical and optical properties of atmospheric aerosols. In this edition, 50 molecules… CONTINUE READING