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Author ' s personal copy Short communication Pharmaceutical company funding and its consequences : A qualitative systematic review ☆

  title={Author ' s personal copy Short communication Pharmaceutical company funding and its consequences : A qualitative systematic review ☆},
  author={Sergio Sismondo},
This article systematically reviews published studies of the association of pharmaceutical industry funding and clinical trial results, as well a few closely related studies. It reviews two earlier results, and surveys the recent literature. Results are clear: Pharmaceutical company sponsorship is strongly associated with results that favor the sponsors' interests. © 2007 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. 

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Pharmaceutical industry sponsorship and research outcome and quality: systematic review
Investigating whether funding of drug studies by the pharmaceutical industry is associated with outcomes that are favourable to the funder and whether the methods of trials funded by pharmaceutical companies differ from the methods in trials with other sources of support found systematic bias favours products which are made by the company funding the research.
Publication bias in the pulmonary/allergy literature: effect of pharmaceutical company sponsorship.
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In the pulmonary and allergy literature, as in other fields, there is a publication bias towards positive results in pharmaceutical company-sponsored research.
Relationship between drug company funding and outcomes of clinical psychiatric research
Favorable outcomes were significantly more common in studies sponsored by the drug manufacturer than in studies without industry sponsorship or sponsored by a competitor, and remained after controlling for the effects of journal, year, drug studied, time since FDA drug approval, diagnosis, sample size, and selected study design variables.
Association of funding and findings of pharmaceutical research at a meeting of a medical professional society.
Quantitative analysis of sponsorship bias in economic studies of antidepressants.
Pharmacoeconomic studies of antidepressants reveal clear associations of study sponsorship with quantitative outcome, and industry-sponsored modelling studies were more favourable to industry than were non-industry-sponsored ones.
Industry sponsorship and financial conflict of interest in the reporting of clinical trials in psychiatry.
Author conflict of interest appears to be prevalent among psychiatric clinical trials and to be associated with a greater likelihood of reporting a drug to be superior to placebo.
Scope and impact of financial conflicts of interest in biomedical research: a systematic review.
Original, quantitative studies on the extent, impact, and management of financial conflicts of interest in biomedical research are reviewed to show a statistically significant association between industry sponsorship and pro-industry conclusions.
Extent and impact of industry sponsorship conflicts of interest in dermatology research.
Association of industry sponsorship to published outcomes in gastrointestinal clinical research.
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Association between industry funding and statistically significant pro-industry findings in medical and surgical randomized trials.
Industry-funded trials are more likely to be associated with statistically significant pro-industry findings, both in medical trials and surgical interventions.