Australians who view live streaming of child sexual abuse: An analysis of financial transactions

  title={Australians who view live streaming of child sexual abuse: An analysis of financial transactions},
  author={Rick Brown and Sara Napier},
  journal={Trends and issues in crime and criminal justice},
  • Rick Brown, Sara Napier
  • Published 19 February 2020
  • Psychology
  • Trends and issues in crime and criminal justice
In recent years, there has been growing evidence of live streaming technologies being used to facilitate child sexual abuse (CSA). This study examined a sample of financial transactions made by a cohort of Australians who provided funds to known facilitators of CSA live streaming in the Philippines. The results showed that these individuals were likely to be aged in their 50s or 60s and the majority (55%) had no criminal record. Ten percent had a sexual offence recorded in their criminal… 
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