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Australianama: The South Asian Odyssey in Australia

  title={Australianama: The South Asian Odyssey in Australia},
  author={Samia Khatun},
Australian deserts remain dotted with the ruins of old mosques. Beginning with a Bengali poetry collection discovered in a nineteenth-century mosque in the town of Broken Hill, Samia Khatun weaves together the stories of various peoples colonised by the British Empire to chart a history of South Asian diaspora. Australia has long been an outpost of Anglo empires in the Indian Ocean world, today the site of military infrastructure central to the surveillance of Muslim-majority countries across… Expand
Annual Bibliography of Commonwealth Literature 2018
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Slamming the door shut: patterns of Punjabi immigration to Victoria (Australia) during the late nineteenth and early twentieth century
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Navigating Emotions at the Site of Racism: Feminist Rage, Queer Pessimism and Fire Dragon Feminism
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