Australian Halobacteria and their retinal-protein ion pumps.


Halophiles collected in Western Australia have been found to be examples of extremely halophilic rod-shaped archaebacteria, members of the genus Halobacterium. Most of them contain retinal proteins, and these proteins differ from one another and also from both bacteriorhodopsin (bR) and halorhodopsin [and sensory rhodopsins (sR)] isolated from Halobacterium… (More)


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@article{Mukohata1991AustralianHA, title={Australian Halobacteria and their retinal-protein ion pumps.}, author={Yasuo Mukohata and Kunio Ihara and Kaho Uegaki and Yukiko Miyashita and Yuichi Sugiyama}, journal={Photochemistry and photobiology}, year={1991}, volume={54 6}, pages={1039-45} }