Australia: The Politics of Becoming a Republic

  title={Australia: The Politics of Becoming a Republic},
  author={John Higley and John Case},
  journal={Journal of Democracy},
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In recent years several parliamentary democracies have considered replacing hereditary monarchs—the most visible remnant of the predemocratic era—with popularly chosen presidents and a republican form of government. This democratic reform is not easy to make, however, because it involves combining the well-established sovereignty of parliaments with presidents who may stake their own claim to sovereignty and popular support in clashes with prime ministers and their cabinets. Selecting… 
Elite division and voter confusion: Australia's republic referendum in 1999
. Although a majority of Australian voters favour the introduction of a republic, in the November 1999 referendum a majority of them nevertheless voted to retain the monarchy. This article explains
We Want a Republic, God Save the Queen: An Australian Case Study in Democratic Choice
The failure of the "Republic Referendum" in November 1999 highlights some issues that can be described as being paradoxical. Opinion polls indicate that most Australians favor a republic, however,
National Identity, Partisanship and Populist Protest as Factors in the 1999 Australian Republic Referendum
Using survey data from the Australian Constitutional Referendum Study 1999, the article begins by showing that the votes of direct electionists were as important as those of monarchists in the defeat
Rhetorical strategies of political parties and organized movements
Research on the Australian monarchy—republican debate has considered arguments for and against the republic, the 1999 referendum and interpretations of the republic. Little attention has been paid to
The 1999 Republic Referendum: Is there a Cycle?
There are many ways to interpret the results of the 1999 Australian referendum on whether the Constitution should be altered 'to establish the Commonwealth of Australia as a republic with a president
Living Traditions: An Examination of the Theoretical and Philosophical Tensions in Australian Constitutionalism
The thesis is concerned with understanding the influence of constitutional philosophy on contemporary political practice. The thesis questions whether the Australian polity has an established account
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This paper looks at the monarchy–republic issue in the New Zealand context. It explores the legal and constitutional issues arising from cutting the ties with the British monarchy and replacing the
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The process by which the Australian Constitution is amended is complex and probably little understood by the general community. This paper is an attempt to explain the politics involved in efforts to


The Republican Option in Canada, Past and Present
Canada is one of a declining number of monarchies in the world, yet Canadians have never seriously considered a republican alternative. The nature of Canada's monarchy and the question of whether a
Comparative Constitutional Engineering: An Inquiry into Structures, Incentives and Outcomes
Preface - Foreword to the Second Edition - PART 1: ELECTORAL SYSTEMS - Majoritarian and Proportional Systems - Who Gets Elected? - The Importance of Electoral Systems - Choosing an Electoral System -
Country report: Australia
The last 10 years has been an interesting time for Australian medical education despite reduced funding, according to research published in the Australian Medical Education Review.
As early as 1993 , a survey indicated that one in five coalition MPs in the Commonwealth Parliament favored a republic . Lenore Taylor , “ Survey Results Boost Republic Push
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Comparative constitutional engineering