Auguste D and Alzheimer's disease

  title={Auguste D and Alzheimer's disease},
  author={Konrad Maurer and Stephan Volk and H{\'e}ctor Gerbaldo},
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The discovery of Alzheimer's disease

Alzheimer's disease was described a 50-year-old woman whom he had followed from her admission for paranoia, progressive sleep and memory disturbance, aggression, and confusion, until her death 5 years later, and which reexamination of the original specimens in 1993 showed to be a different stage of the same process.


Alois Alzheimer is credited with identifying the fi rst published case of “presenile dementia”, which Kraepelin would later identify as Alzheimer’s disease.

100 Years of Alzheimer's disease

As we commemorate the first centennial since Alzheimer's disease (AD) was first diagnosed, this article casts back into the past while also looking to the future. It reflects on the life of Alois

Preventing Alzheimer's Disease: Some Light in the Darkness.

  • Mukul Sharma
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110 years after Auguste Deter

The original patient file was forgotten since 1909 and surprisingly, it took 80 years following Alois Alzheimer’s death in 1915 until Konrad Maurer and his team discovered the original patient record in the archives of the University of Frankfurt.

The case described by Alois Alzheimer in 1911

A careful analysis of all pros and contras in the literature led to the conclusion that plaque-only cases are also an integrative part of the modern Alzheimer disease concept.

Oskar Fischer and the study of dementia

  • M. Goedert
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    Brain : a journal of neurology
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Oskar Fischer's work on dementia in the context of his life and time is discussed, which delineated the clinicopathological entity that is now known as Alzheimer's disease.

Aloys Alzheimer, a coworker of Emil Kraepelin.

  • M. M. Weber
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    Journal of psychiatric research
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Auguste D. and Alzheimer's Disease

It now appears that Auguste D.'s dementia may have been at least partly caused, not by the typical neurodegeneration of Alzheimer's, but by arteriosclerosis of the brain.

Über eigenartige Krankheitsfälle des späteren Alters

A case of disease of the presenium which during life presented features different from those of recognized diseases and which on microscopic examination showed alterations of the cerebral cortex that were then unknown, which could not be categorized among known disorders.

The Consortium to Establish a Registry for Alzheimer's Disease (CERAD)

The Neuropathology Task Force of the Consortium to Establish a Registry for Alzheimer's Disease (CERAD) has developed a practical and standardized neuropathology protocol for the postmortem

The history of Alzheimer's disease: three debates.

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Über klinisch und histologisch eigenartige psychische Erkrankungen des späteren Lebensalters

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