Auguste D

  title={Auguste D},
  author={Sean Page and T. P. Fletcher},
  pages={571 - 583}
Auguste D. is regarded as being the first case described by Alois Alzheimer to highlight the disease that would later be named for him. Auguste is described in terms of her illness, of her disturbances and ultimately of her neuro-pathology. In the past 100 years since her death in 1906 there has been almost no attempt to consider her as a person or as a fellow human being outside the context of illness. This article takes a social research approach to place those things we know about the person… 

What is ‘Alzheimer’s Disease’? The ‘Auguste D’ Case Re-opened

The way in which the contemporary socio-cultural context may have dementiagenic tendencies is suggested, supporting Gaines and Whitehouse's argument that research into the phenomenon and symptoms of Alzheimer’s should focus on extracorporal and psychosocial factors.

Social class, dementia and the fourth age.

  • I. Jones
  • Psychology
    Sociology of health & illness
  • 2017
Interactions between dementia and social class are considered in three key areas: (i) epidemiological approaches to inequalities in risk (ii) the role of social class in diagnosis and treatment and (iii) class in the framing of care and access to care.

Mental Health in Old Age Bulletin

A specialty of Old Age Psychiatry within the NHS became established by practice through the 1970s and 1980s, and confirmed on a formal basis in 1988, and it is now expected that every population within the UK will have a specialist Old Age psychiatry Service.

Novel mathematical model based on cellular automata for study of Alzheimer’s disease progress

A novel model based on Cellular Automata (CA) is proposed that can improve the scientist's insight into the prediction of AD, which will assist them in effectively considering the influence of various parameters on AD.

Statistical and Data Mining Methodologies for Behavioral Analysis in Transgenic Mouse Models of Alzheimer’s Disease: Parallels with Human AD Evaluation

The author states that the present study aims to provide a “robust and scalable” and “evidence-based” approach to the diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease through a review of animal and human models.

Etude de la dynamique de tau dans le compartiment synaptique dans un contexte physiologique et pathologique exemple de la maladie d'Alzheimer

La maladie d'Alzheimer est une pathologie neurodegenerative caracterisee par une perte progressive des fonctions cognitives. Cette perte des fonctions cognitives est directement liee a une atteinte



Studies in Hysteria *

  • S. Guze
  • Psychology, Medicine
    Canadian journal of psychiatry. Revue canadienne de psychiatrie
  • 1983
It is suggested that the association between Briquet's Syndrome and antisocial personality may explain many clinical and epidemiologic observations.

Prussia: The Perversion of an Idea

46 years ago, the Allied Control Council produced the final obsequies of a state which "from its earliest days had been a bearer of militarism and reaction in Germany". With this laconic text,

A Mighty Fortress: A New History of the German People

From one of our most distinguished historians comes a sweeping, original, and provocative history of Germany, from antiquity to the present, shedding a fresh, empathetic light on the nation and its

Three Men on the Bummel

Conceived as a fairly serious guide to amateur boating on the Thames in 1889, Jerome K. Jerome's best-known novel ended up as a hilarious account of the misadventures of three friends and a dog as

The ascent of woman : a history of the suffragette movement and the ideas behind it

The story of the fight to gain the vote for women is about much more than a peripheral if picturesque skirmish around the introduction of universal suffrage. It is an explosive story of social and

The Making of the Jewish Middle Class: Women, Family, and Identity in Imperial Germany

A social history of Jewish women in Imperial Germany, this study synthesizes German, women's, and Jewish history. The book explores the private-familial and religious-lives of the German-Jewish

The Standard Edition of the Complete Psychological Works of Sigmund Freud

Indexes and Bibliographies. This collection of twenty-four volumes is the first full paperback publication of the standard edition of The Complete Psychological Works of Sigmund Freud in English

Childhood in German autobiographical writings

  • The Journal of Psychohistory
  • 1987

Battering and neglect: Children in Germany, 1860–1978

  • The Journal of Psychohistory, 7, 249–279.
  • 1980