Augmenting Analytical CRM Strategies with Social BI


Large communities built around social media on the Internet offer an opportunity to augment analytical customer relationship management (CRM) strategies. The purpose of this paper is to provide direction to advance the conceptual design of business intelligence (BI) systems for implementing CRM strategies. After introducing social CRM and social BI as emerging fields of research, the authors match CRM strategies with a re-engineered conceptual data model of Facebook in order to illustrate the strategic value of these data. Subsequently, the authors design a multi-dimensional data model for social BI and demonstrate its applicability by designing management reports in a retail scenario. Building on the service blueprinting framework, the authors propose a structured research agenda for the emerging field of social BI.

DOI: 10.4018/ijbir.2013070103

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@article{Beverungen2013AugmentingAC, title={Augmenting Analytical CRM Strategies with Social BI}, author={Daniel Beverungen and Mathias Eggert and Matthias Voigt and Michael Rosemann}, journal={IJBIR}, year={2013}, volume={4}, pages={32-49} }