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Augmented Reality Interface for Electronic Music Performance

  title={Augmented Reality Interface for Electronic Music Performance},
  author={Ivan Poupyrev and Rodney Berry and Mark Billinghurst and Hirokazu Kato and K. Nakao and L. Baldwin and Jun Kurumisawa},
Starting from the days of the Musical Telegraph, the first electronic instrument, the majority of synthesizers today are still equipped with keyboards, often using the traditional layout of acoustic pianos. The question that many researchers attempt to answer is that of improvement. In this paper we present an Augmented Groove, a novel musical instrument that attempts to depart from traditional approaches to musical performance, i.e. use keyboards, dials or simulated traditional musical… Expand
Opportunistic Music
A new musical interaction concept, called opportunistic music, which allows musicians to recreate a hardware musical controller using any objects of their immediate environment using the physical attributes of real objects for controlling music. Expand
Reconstructing musical instruments in Mixed Reality
  • E. Lukasik
  • Computer Science
  • New Trends in Audio and Video / Signal Processing Algorithms, Architectures, Arrangements, and Applications SPA 2008
  • 2008
The idea and initial stages of the project of the cost-effective Mixed Reality reconstruction of a historic musical instrument (clavichord), using immersive imaging, are presented. Expand
Virtual piano with real-time interaction using automatic marker detection
The experimental results demonstrated that the error of the playback sounds is only 0.5 percent and all errors are because of the wrong positions of the player's hand as some of his fingers accidentally covered over the unexpected markers during playing the virtual piano. Expand
Collaborative Musical Experiences for Novices
It is argued that musical expression with multi-person instruments is a form of communication between the players, and it is illustrated that design for musical collaboration facilitates exploration of sound space with low entry-level skill. Expand
AR-based virtual musical instruments using SMC tracking
We describe a real-time computer vision application that creates sound from virtual musical instruments by tracking hand and finger movements with a color-based Sequential Monte Carlo algorithm. WeExpand
Organ Augmented Reality: Audio-Graphical Augmentation of a Classical Instrument
The Organ Augmented Reality ORA project considers an audio and visual augmentation of an historical church organ to enhance the understanding and perception of the instrument through intuitive and familiar mappings and outputs. Expand
Recent developments in Augmented Reality (AR) technology are opening up new modes of representation and interaction with virtual objects; at the same time, increase in processing power of portableExpand
Contexts of Collaborative Musical Experiences
It is the intention to provide a non-technical overview of design issues inherent in configuring multiplayer experiences, particularly for entry-level players. Expand
A Realtime Music Editing and Playback System in An Augmented Reality Environments
In this paper, We propose real-time sound editing and playback systems which is based on Augmented Reality. The proposed system are composed with music maker which is based on AR maker and musicExpand
Music and Augmented Reality
The paper is intended to provide a brief prelude to a new research project, the Augmented Composer, that seeks to apply augmented reality to music composition. It sketches the conceptual frameworkExpand


Augmented Groove: Collaborative Jamming in Augmented Reality
Augmented Groove is a musical interface that explores use of augmented reality, 3D interfaces, and physical, tangible interaction for conducting multimedia musical performance, so several users can gather around the mixing table and "jam" together. Expand
The Digital Baton: a Versatile Performance Instrument
The Digital Baton is a new electronic instrument which has been designed and built for the performance of computer music and contains several sensor systems which capture many of the modalities of hand motion and gesture for their application toward both discrete controls and continuous, expressive gestures. Expand
The Computer Music Tutorial
From the Publisher: The Computer Music Tutorial is a comprehensive text and reference that covers all aspects of computer music, including digital audio, synthesis techniques, signal processing,Expand
Mixing realities in Shared Space: an augmented reality interface for collaborative computing
  • M. Billinghurst, I. Poupyrev, H. Kato, Richard May
  • Computer Science
  • 2000 IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo. ICME2000. Proceedings. Latest Advances in the Fast Changing World of Multimedia (Cat. No.00TH8532)
  • 2000
This work investigates how augmented reality enhanced by physical and spatial 3D user interfaces can be used to develop effective face-to-face collaborative computing environments. Expand
Marker tracking and HMD calibration for a video-based augmented reality conferencing system
  • H. Kato, M. Billinghurst
  • Computer Science
  • Proceedings 2nd IEEE and ACM International Workshop on Augmented Reality (IWAR'99)
  • 1999
An augmented reality conferencing system which uses the overlay of virtual images on the real world using fast and accurate computer vision techniques and head mounted display (HMD) calibration is described. Expand
The Outer Limits
Three distinct planets have not been known throughout history as have the brighter ones. These are Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. There has long been speculation that the list of planets is not yetExpand
Electro shock! Groundbreakers of synth music
  • 1999
Interface for Collaborative Computing
  • Proceedings of the ICME
  • 2000
Mixing Realities in Shared Space
  • 2000
New Ways to Play, Electronic Music Interfaces
  • IEEE Spectrum
  • 1997