Augmentation malarplasty.

  • H G Brennan
  • Published 1982 in Archives of otolaryngology


The well-defined prominent high cheekbone is classically a sign of beauty in Western culture. Based on discussions with (1) representatives of Heyer-Schulte, Goleta, Calif, a leading manufacturer of malar implants regarding the demand for these implants, (2) other facial plastic surgeons, and (3) patients who are aware and request this procedure compared with other procedures in my practice, malar implants, available for the past few years, while effective, have not received universal acceptance and usage. The design limitations of the available implants and the bony resorption under the implant similar to what has been described in mentoplasty are discussed, as well as the long-term results using the standard implants, including photographic and radiographic findings. A modification in the shape of the malar implant and its advantages also will be discussed.


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