Augmentation Gluteoplasty: The XYZ Method

  title={Augmentation Gluteoplasty: The XYZ Method},
  author={R. Gonz{\'a}lez},
  journal={Aesthetic Plastic Surgery},
Gluteal implants offer a good way not only to correct hypoplasias, but also to remodel and give rounded shape to buttocks, achieving beauty and sensuality. However, until recently, only a few surgeons have used this procedure. An intramuscular introduction of the implants may be a good means of reaching this goal, but because the undermining is performed without direct view, difficulties may occur in obtaining a symmetric and safe plane, and this can lead to unpleasant results. This report… Expand
Gluteoplasty using the Intramuscular (XYZ) Method
The intramuscular XYZ method was safe, both for primary and secondary surgery, to treat cases of asymmetry and/or visible implants, and Predetermining the XYZ reference points makes this procedure safe and reproducible. Expand
Gluteal implants: the "XYZ" intramuscular method.
The author presents his XYZ technique, which provides anatomical reference points to guide the intramuscular dissection procedure in a feasible and safe way, resulting in a low complication rate. Expand
A Simple Way to Avoid Sciatic Pain After Intramuscular Gluteal Implant
Intramuscular implants have been the preference in countries in which augmentation gluteoplasty has become popular, especially in Brazil, but has always had two drawbacks: intense pain in the immediate postoperative period and difficulty undermining the muscle in the correct plane, which may leave the implant visible and palpable. Expand
Intramuscular Gluteal Augmentation: The XYZ Method.
The XYZ method helps the surgeon to obtain symmetry, to significantly reduce implant visibility and to decrease other complications associated with buttocks implants. Expand
Gluteoplasty: anatomic basis and technique.
When gluteoplasty is performed utilizing a systematic strategy based on bone anatomy references, it can be a predictable procedure with reproducible results and minimal complications, making the procedure simpler and safer. Expand
PrIncIPles FOr InTrAmusculAr undermInIng
Gluteal implants are an effective and predictable way to remodel the buttocks. However, depending on the anatomical plane employed and the manner in which the implant pocket is dissected, the resultsExpand
Intramuscular technique in augmentation gluteoplasty
Background: A harmonious gluteal region is considered an essential element in the composition of body beauty and expression of femininity. Therefore, there is growing interest, from both men andExpand
Combined Gluteoplasty: Liposuction and Gluteal Implants
The casuistic on the combination of liposuction and gluteal implant placement to improve the contour of this area is presented, a combination that up to now has been detailed very little in the medical literature. Expand
Submuscular Gluteal Augmentation and Lipoplasty for Buttock Beautification
Background: The number of gluteal augmentation procedures with implants has increased in the last years. However, due to high complication rates related to the placement of the implants, surgeonsExpand
Gluteal Augmentation with Silicone Implants: A New Proposal for Intramuscular Dissection
A new approach to intramuscular dissection for gluteal augmentation with silicone implants is presented, a variation of the conventional surgical technique that involves well-controlled technical steps, especially during dissection of the intamuscular pocket. Expand


Fat grafting of the buttocks and lower limbs
A low rate of complications (less than 3%) supports the authors' opinion that this is an efficient and safe procedure to correct or enhance contour deformities of the lower limbs. Expand
Massive Extravasation of Traumatically Ruptured Buttock Silicone Prosthesis
It is concluded that early surgical treatment of extravasation injuries is needed and that buttock reconstruction with implants can be useful, but close follow-up is needed. Expand
The course of the superior gluteal nerve in the lateral approach to the hip.
The so-called safe area of the gluteus medius muscle was found to be as much as five centimeters adjacent to the greater trochanter and if this distance is not exceeded by the intramuscular incision, the risk to the superior gluteal nerve and its branches will be minimum. Expand
Gluteoplasty: A ten-year report
Several cases are presented in this article which are followups to the type of gluteoplasty described ten years ago, found that there was considerable postoperative improvement for the patient and satisfaction for the surgeon. Expand
Arrangement and innervation of the glutei medius and minimus and the piriformis: A morphological analysis
In order to examine the relationships between the positional arrangement and supplying nerves of the glutei medius and minimus and the piriformis, 49 pelvic halves of 28 cadavers were investigated and the detailed findings of the innervation of the three muscles were found. Expand
Late Hematoma After Aesthetic Breast Augmentation with Saline-Filled, Textured Silicone Prosthesis
Two cases of late capsular hematoma after augmentation mammaplasty with saline-filled, textured silicone implants are presented and the breakdown of an eroded capsular artery is suspected. Expand
Capsular hematoma as a late complication in breast reconstruction with silicone gel prostheses.
A rare complication of breast reconstruction with silicone gel prostheses in which formation of intracapsular hematomas in the mammary region occurred 3 years after surgery is presented. Expand
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