Auger electron contribution to bromodeoxyuridine cellular radiosensitization.

  title={Auger electron contribution to bromodeoxyuridine cellular radiosensitization.},
  author={David A. Larson and W. J. Bodell and C. Clifton Ling and Theodore L. Phillips and Michael Schell and Dennis C. Shrieve and Tom R. Troxel},
  journal={International journal of radiation oncology, biology, physics},
  volume={16 1},
Halogenated thymidine analogs become incorporated into the DNA of proliferating cells during S-phase and may be used clinically to radiosensitize tumors that are otherwise poorly responsive to radiation. Although radiosensitization has been studied for years, mechanisms of radiosensitization are poorly understood. One possible mechanism involves the release of short range, high-LET, Auger electrons following photoelectric absorption of an X ray by the K-shell of the incorporated halogen. Such… CONTINUE READING

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