Auftreten haploider Keimlinge bei Picea abies


The opening of these hooks was also found to be a process i n d e p e n d a n t of l igh t as t he ra te of open ing was found to be t he s ame in da rkness as well as in whi te f luorescent l ight . I n t he case repor ted by MOHR and NOBLs i t was t he b luefar red h igh energy process, wh ich could induce an open ing of the hooks. A n o t h e r… (More)
DOI: 10.1007/BF00603294


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@article{Illies2004AuftretenHK, title={Auftreten haploider Keimlinge bei Picea abies}, author={Zo{\"e} Maria Illies}, journal={Naturwissenschaften}, year={2004}, volume={51}, pages={442-442} }