Auditory symptoms associated with herpes zoster or idiopathic facial paralysis

  title={Auditory symptoms associated with herpes zoster or idiopathic facial paralysis},
  author={Frederick M. Byl and Kedar Karim Adour},
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Auditory symptoms (hyperacusis, tinnitus, decreased hearing) have long been recognized to accompany herpetic or idiopathic facial paralysis. Twenty‐nine percent of 1,080 patients with idiopathic facial paralysis and 37 percent of 172 with herpes zoster oticus facial paralysis had auditory symptoms. Abnormal related sensori‐neural hearing loss was documented in only 11 of these 377 patients with auditory complaints. All of the 11 had a diagnosis of herpes zoster oticus. 
Ipsilateral deafness and herpes zoster ophthalmicus.
Three cases of ipsilateral deafness occurred in association with herpes zoster ophthalmicus. Although our review of the literature did not disclose any identical cases, we believe that this
[Varicella-zoster infection with isolated cochleovestibular affectation (without facial palsy)].
A case is reported of a man without immune-system impairment who had a cranial mononeuritis with unilateral involment of the VIII and VII cranial nerves after infection with varicella-zoster without herpetic lesions.
The Pathogenesis of Vestibule Cochlear Nerve Disease in Herpes Zoster Oticus
Mild or moderate cochlear symptoms with high frequency hearing loss were related to age, and severe vestibular symptoms wererelated to the severity of facial paralysis after onset of herpetic symptoms.
Ramsay Hunt syndrome: a cranial polyneuropathy.
It is suggested that Ramsay Hunt syndrome and Bell's palsy are different clinical manifestations of the same disease and Hunt's classification and the idiopathy of bell's palsies are probably no longer tenable.
Auditory dysfunction in Ramsay Hunt syndrome.
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Brainstem auditory evoked potentials (BAEPs) localised the site of dysfunction to the ipsilateral eighth nerve in a 48-year-old woman with a Ramsay Hunt syndrome due to herpes zoster and clinical improvement was associated with improvement of the BAEP.
Short report Auditory dysfunction in Ramsay Hunt syndrome
A 48-year-old woman with a Ramsay Hunt syndrome due to herpes zoster had a hearing deficit. Brainstem auditory evoked potentials (BAEPs) localised the site of dysfunction to the ipsilateral eighth
Bilateral Ramsay Hunt syndrome in a diabetic patient
Herpes zoster causes severe infections in diabetic patients and can be a cause of bilateral facial palsy and bilateral Ramsay Hunt syndrome, which should be started at the earliest.
Ramsay Hunt Syndrome in a 3‐Month‐Old Infant
Abstract:  Ramsay Hunt syndrome is a disorder characterized by herpetic eruptions on the auricle, facial paralysis, and vestibulocochlear dysfunction, and is attributed to varicella zoster virus
Manifestaciones otoneurológicas por virus del herpes
Objective. To demonstrate the presence of the herpes virus (HV) zoster by means of antiviral antibodies in patients with otoneurologic manifestations, face paralysis, vestibulopathies and
Ramsay Hunt syndrome: our experience
The prognosis of facial palsy depends on the initial symptoms and clinical findings and hearing loss is much more frequent than reported; as it may go unnoticed in patients, it should always be confirmed by complementary tests.


Audiologic findings in Ramsay Hunt syndrome.
It appears that the dorsal root ganglia of the upper cervical nerves are often involved in this syndrome because of the distribution of the severe burning pain which so characteristically precedes facial palsy and differentiates it from Bell's palsy.
Herpes Zoster Auris Associated with Facial Nerve Palsy and Auditory Nerve Symptoms: A Case Report with Histopathological Findings
There is profuse and widespread lymphocytic infiltration in the facial nerve, in striking contrast to the microscopical findings in Bell's palsy.
The infrequency with which this syndrome is reported and the atypical features in this instance prompt us to record this case.
Bell's Palsy: Some Problems of Prognosis and Treatment
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The aims of the investigation were to seek criteria which will give guidance on the probability of spontaneous recovery in idiopathic facial paralysis and to assess the value of present methods of treatment.
The Ramsey Hunt syndrome. Report of a case with vestibular and cochlear involvement successfully treated with prednisolone acetate (Medrol).
A case report of the Ramsey Hunt syndrome, a facial palsy associated with herpes zoster lesions over the cutaneous field of the geniculate ganglion, with implications for the use of steroid therapy.
Facial paralysis in 403 consecutive patients: emphasis on treatment response in patients with Bell's palsy.
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Herpes zoster oticus.