Auditory gating deficit to human voices in schizophrenia: a MEG study.

  title={Auditory gating deficit to human voices in schizophrenia: a MEG study.},
  author={Yoji Hirano and Shogo Hirano and Toshihiko Maekawa and Choji Obayashi and Naoya Oribe and Akira Monji and Kiyoto Kasai and Shigenobu Kanba and Toshiaki Onitsuka},
  journal={Schizophrenia research},
  volume={117 1},
BACKGROUND Patients with schizophrenia have auditory gating deficits; however, little is known about P50 auditory gating to human voices and its association with clinical symptoms. We examined the functioning of auditory gating and its relationship with the clinical symptoms in schizophrenia. METHODS Auditory evoked magnetoencephalography responses to the first and the second voices stimuli were recorded in 22 schizophrenia patients and 28 normal control subjects. The auditory gating ratios… CONTINUE READING
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