Auditory efferents involved in speech-in-noise intelligibility.

  title={Auditory efferents involved in speech-in-noise intelligibility.},
  author={A. L. Giraud and St{\'e}phane Garnier and Christophe Micheyl and Genevi{\`e}ve Lina and A. Chays and Sylviane Ch{\'e}ry-Croze},
  volume={8 7},
Following studies proposing that medial olivocochlear efferents might be involved in the processing of complex signals in noise, we tested the involvement of efferent feedback in speech-in-noise intelligibility. Two approaches were used: measures of speech-in-noise intelligibility in vestibular neurotomized patients with cut efferents and comparison with normal hearing subjects; and correlations between effectiveness of olivocochlear feedback, assessed by contralateral suppression of… CONTINUE READING