Auditory Vocabulary of the Right Hemisphere Following Brain Bisection or Hemidecortication

  title={Auditory Vocabulary of the Right Hemisphere Following Brain Bisection or Hemidecortication},
  author={Eran Zaidel},
  • E. Zaidel
  • Published 1 September 1976
  • Psychology
  • Cortex

Binaural assessment of cerebral lateralization for speech utilizing the salient processing qualities of the dominant hemisphere.

The review of the functional lateralization of the cerebral hemispheres suggests the notion of the sharing of certain functions by the two hemispheres. In terms of speech, the dominant hemisphere

Improvement of Speech Function in Patients with Aphasia: The Right Hemisphere, an Enemy or a Friend?

It is concluded that the lack of consistency between the presence/absence of aphasia and the activation of homologous speech areas in the right hemisphere in fMRI results from individual differences in the involvement of theright hemisphere in speech processes.

The Right Hemisphere’s Role in Action Word Processing: a Double Case Study.

Word category-specific deficits were investigated in two patients with right hemispheric lesions and hemiparesis affecting the left extremities, consistent with the view that the cortical areas involved in the programming of body movements, even those in the hemisphere not dominant for language, specifically contribute to and are necessary for the processing of words referring to such movements.

Mental Processes in the Nonverbal Hemisphere

Studies of patients with unilateral cerebral lesions or with commissurotomy and of normal individuals show that the two sides of the brain are functionally asymmetric. Although the right hemisphere



Vocalization possibly initiated by the Minor Hemisphere

Long exposures in the left visual field are used to take advantage of the effects of temporal summation, while visual input to the major hemisphere is minimized.

Pure word deafness and hemispheric dynamics: a case history.

Summary The effects of a presumed unilateral brain lesion on language functions are examined i n a case of “pure word deafness.“ The patient (WB) was totally impaired in his auditory perception of

The Minor Cerebral Hemisphere

Three right-handed men became aphasic following acute left cerebral hemisphere ischemia and intracarotid amobarbital injections were given bilaterally in two cases on separate occasions, and on the left in the third.

Cognitive abilities following right and left hemispherectomy.

  • P. Gott
  • Psychology, Medicine
    Cortex; a journal devoted to the study of the nervous system and behavior
  • 1973

Language after section of the cerebral commissures.

The observations were based on two patients operated on by Drs.

Interhemispheric relationships: the neocortical commissures; syndromes of hemisphere disconnection

[Introduction] Until a few years ago, prevailing views regarding the syndrome of the corpus callosum in man were based very largely on the studies of Akelaitis and his co-workers (Akelaitis et al.

Hemispheric specialization for speech perception.

Analysis of correct responses and errors showed that consonant features are processed independently, in agreement with the cerebral hemisphere dominant for language.