Auditory Nerve and Brainstem Responses in Newborn Infants with Hyperbilirubinemia

  title={Auditory Nerve and Brainstem Responses in Newborn Infants with Hyperbilirubinemia},
  author={H. Richard Nakamura and Satoshi Takada and Roberto Shimabuku and Hirokuni Negishi},
  journal={Pediatric Research},
To assess early bilirubin toxicity, we have sutdied auditory brainstem responses (ABR) in relation to serum total bilirubin (TB) and unbound bilirubin(UB) levels in 66 non-asphyxiated full term infants at 3 to 5 days of age.Exchange transfusions(ET)were performed in 14 of the 66 infants and the measurements were done pre-ET and on consecutive 3 days of post-ET.ABR was measured with a Teledyne TA-1000 by stimuli of 85 dB and the latencies to wave I and V were averaged over two replications in… CONTINUE READING


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