Audiovisual fusion and cochlear implant proficiency.

  title={Audiovisual fusion and cochlear implant proficiency.},
  author={Corinne Tremblay and François Champoux and Franco Lepore and Hugo Th{\'e}oret},
  journal={Restorative neurology and neuroscience},
  volume={28 2},
PURPOSE Recent studies suggest that cochlear implant (CI) users have a typical, and perhaps improved, ability to fuse congruent multisensory information. The ability to fuse incongruent auditory and visual inputs, however, remains to be fully investigated. METHODS Here, performance on a classical audiovisual task (the McGurk effect) was assessed in seventeen cochlear-implanted, postlingually deaf individuals with varied degrees of auditory competency. RESULTS In line with previous studies… CONTINUE READING

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