Audiological profiles and Menière's disease.

  title={Audiological profiles and Meni{\`e}re's disease.},
  author={Chung Sook Lee and Michael Mauro Paparella and Robert H Margolis and Chenxiong Le},
  journal={Ear, nose, & throat journal},
  volume={74 8},
Pure-tone audiograms of 501 patients with preoperative Menière's disease were analyzed. Age of onset and incidence of bilaterality were studied. The most common audiogram was the peak-type (50.26%), next the falling-type (26.26%), and then the dip-type (9.24%). Although few papers mention this peak audiogram, we suggest it is a diagnostic feature of Menière's disease. Average age of onset was 42.59 years; this did not differ from males to females. Prevalence in females exceeded that in males by… CONTINUE READING

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