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Audio databases with content-based retrieval

  title={Audio databases with content-based retrieval},
  author={Thom Blum and Douglas Keislar and James Wheaton and Erling Henry Wold},

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An Effective User Interface Tool for Retrieval of Heart Sound and Murmurs
This paper proposes a framework for audio modeling of heart sounds and murmurs using feature vectors (spectral, and perceptual) and implementation of content based heart sound and murmur retrieval algorithms and auditory user interfaces for cardiologist, in which he/she can directly audio query and obtain the ranked heart and murmur audio files using similarity measures. Expand
Media Authoring with Ontological Reasoning: Use Case for Multimedia Information Extraction
This chapter contains sections titled: Introduction Interactive Media and Media Authoring: Implications for Mmie Prototype System for Media Authoring with Ontological Reasoning Ontological DataExpand
Exploiting Captions for Web Data Mining
This chapter surveys research on using captions in data mining from the Web, and discusses the range of syntactic clues (such as HTML tags) and semantic clues ( such as particular words) and how to quantify clue strength and combine clues for a consensus. Expand
Toward Formalization of Display Grammar for Interactive Media with Applications of Multimedia Information Extraction
  • R. Bargar
  • Computer Science
  • AAAI Fall Symposium: Multimedia Information Extraction
  • 2008
It is hypothesized display grammar provides a domain for mapping a range of applications of MMIE and media resource retrieval, and a manifold model of display grammar is demonstrated to support this hypothesis. Expand
CAVES : A Configurable Application View Storage System
Storage management is a well-known method for improving the efficiency of data intensive and networked applications. Today’s data management systems handle many non-traditional data formats, rangingExpand
Evaluation Issue of KANSEI Technology and Sound and Music Computing Projects at Waseda University
This paper begins with the evaluation issue of KANSEI technology related to music, then the recent projects on music computing promoted by the Japan Science and Technology Agency are introduced. Expand
From Information-Centric to Experiential Environments
This chapter presents the paradigm of experiential environments for facilitating user- data interactions in information management systems, which utilizes the sentient nature of human beings, their sensory abilities, and interactive query-exploration-presentation interfaces to experience and assimilate information. Expand
Content-based audio classification and retrieval.
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Algebraic multimedia: theory and implementation
This dissertation is to formalize access methods to multimedia data by developing algebras that operate on PowerPoint presentations, video, and audio as in the case of relational algebra operating on tabular data. Expand