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Audio Metaphor: Audio Information Retrieval for Soundscape Composition

  title={Audio Metaphor: Audio Information Retrieval for Soundscape Composition},
  author={Miles Thorogood and Philippe Pasquier and Arne Eigenfeldt},
We have developed an audio information retrieval system, named Audio Metaphor. It is designed for use in soundscape composition. Audio Metaphor accepts natural language queries, and recommends audio files from online collaborative databases. Audio Metaphor uses a sub-query generation algorithm, named SLiCE (String List Chopping Experiment) that accepts a word-feature list, parsed from a natural language query by another component of the Audio Metaphor system. A set of audio file recommendations… 
Computationally Created Soundscapes with Audio Metaphor
This work presents Audio Metaphor, a system for creating novel soundscape compositions that processes natural language queries derived from Twitter for retrieving semantically linked sound recordings from online user-contributed audio databases.
A framework for computer-assisted sound design systems supported by modelling affective and perceptual properties of soundscape
A system called Audio Metaphor is outlined that is built upon the notion that sound design for soundscape compositions is emotionally informed and is revealed to be human-competitive regarding semantic and emotion-based indicators.
Datascaping: Data Sonification as a Narrative Device in Soundscape Composition
This paper investigates the use of data sonification as a narrative tool in soundscape composition, and shows a strong ability in participants to decode and comprehend additional layers of narrative information communicated through the soundscape.
Multi-Label Sound Event Retrieval Using A Deep Learning-Based Siamese Structure With A Pairwise Presence Matrix
This work proposes different Deep Learning architectures with a Siamesestructure and a Pairwise Presence Matrix for sound event retrieval, aimed at finding audio samples similar to an audio query based on their acoustic or semantic content.
An Introduction to Musical Metacreation
In order to better appreciate the many dimensions of this interdisciplinary domain and see how it overlaps and differs from research in computer music, this introduction provides a general entry point.
Narrative-inspired Generation of Ambient Music
This paper explores one example of how a computational system might rely on what they have learned from analyzing another distinct form of expression to produce creative work.
Soundscape Audio Signal Classification and Segmentation Using Listeners Perception of Background and Foreground Sound
The background and foreground classification task within a musicological and soundscape context is established, and a method for the automatic segmentation of soundscape recordings based on this task is presented.
Applying social computing to generate sound clouds
CONTENT 2017 Proceedings
This paper presents a social machine implemented as a virtual organization where humans and machines collaborate in a creative process to transform a picture into a musical sound cloud.
Freesound technical demo
This demo wants to introduce Freesound to the multimedia community and show its potential as a research resource.


Freesound 2: An Improved Platform for Sharing Audio Clips
Freesound.org is an online collaborative sound database where people from different disciplines share recorded sound clips under Creative Commons licenses. It was started in 2005 and it is being
Negotiated Content: Generative Soundscape Composition by Autonomous Musical Agents in Coming Together: Freesound
This work presents a system – Coming Together: Freesound – in which four autonomous artificial agents choose sounds from a large pre-analyzed database of soundscape recordings (from freesound.org), based upon their spectral content and metadata tags.
Soundscape Generation for Virtual Environments using Community-Provided Audio Databases
The design methodology incorporates the use of concatenative synthesis to construct a sound environment using online community-provided sonic material, and an application is described in which sound environments are generated for Google Street View using the online sound database Freesound.
Multimedia answering: enriching text QA with media information
This paper introduces a scheme that is able to enrich text answers with image and video information, built based on the community-contributed textual answers and thus it is more feasible and able to deal with more complex questions.
The SuperCollider Book
The SuperCollider Book is the essential reference to this powerful and flexible language, offering students and professionals a collection of tutorials, essays, and projects that cover topics at levels from the introductory to the specialized.
Max/MSP/Jitter for Music: A Practical Guide to Developing Interactive Music Systems for Education and More
This book presents a meta-modelling framework for automating the very labor-intensive and therefore time-heavy and expensive and expensive process of designing and programming musical instruments.
The Twitter Book
This practical guide will teach you everything you need to know to quickly become a Twitter power user, including strategies and tactics for using Twitter's 140-character messages as a serious--and
Identifying topical authorities in microblogs
This work proposes a set of features for characterizing social media authors, including both nodal and topical metrics, and shows how probabilistic clustering over this feature space, followed by a within-cluster ranking procedure, can yield a final list of top authors for a given topic.
Information credibility on twitter
There are measurable differences in the way messages propagate, that can be used to classify them automatically as credible or not credible, with precision and recall in the range of 70% to 80%.
NLTK: The Natural Language Toolkit
NLTK, the Natural Language Toolkit, is a suite of open source program modules, tutorials and problem sets, providing ready-to-use computational linguistics courseware. NLTK covers symbolic and