Au-dessous de SpecZ .

  title={Au-dessous de SpecZ .},
  author={Bertrand To{\"e}n and Michel Vaqui{\'e}},
  journal={Journal of K-theory},
In this article we use the theories of relative algebraic geometry and of homotopical algebraic geometry (cf. [HAGII]) to construct some categories of schemes defined under Spec ℤ. We define the categories of ℕ-schemes, 1 -schemes, -schemes, + -schemes and 1 -schemes, where (from an intuitive point of view) ℕ is the semi-ring of natural numbers, 1 is the field with one element, is the ring spectra of integers, + is the semi-ring spectra of natural numbers and 1 is the ring spectra with one… 
Smoothness in Relative Geometry
In [TVa], Bertrand Toen and Michel Vaquie defined a scheme theory for a closed monoidal category (C,⊗, 1). In this article, we define a notion of smoothness in this relative (and not necessarily
Differential schemes: geometric approach and functorial approach
It is shown that the Carrà Ferro sheaf is the natural sheaf of the space of leaves of a scheme with vector field, and it is proved that the category of differential schemes in the sense similar to the one of these authors is equivalent to the categories of schemes endowed with a vector field.
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The aims of the present thesis are to give a concrete description, in the modern language of arithmetic-algebraic geometry, of the Galois theory of Alexander Grothendieck (and the later generation of
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In recent years the theory of structured ring spectra (formerly known as A∞‐ and E∞‐ring spectra) has been simplified by the discovery of categories of spectra with strictly associative and
Stable homotopical algebra and Γ-spaces
  • S. Schwede
  • Mathematics
    Mathematical Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society
  • 1999
In this paper we advertise the category of Γ-spaces as a convenient framework for doing ‘algebra’ over ‘rings’ in stable homotopy theory. Γ-spaces were introduced by Segal [Se] who showed that they
Local Projective Model Structures on Simplicial Presheaves
We give a model structure on the category of simplicial presheaves on some essentially small Grothendieck site T . When T is the Nisnevich site it specializes to a proper simplicial model category
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Tropical algebraic geometry is the geometry of the tropical semiring $(\mathbb{R},\min,+)$. Its objects are polyhedral cell complexes which behave like complex algebraic varieties. We give an
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Axiomatic, enriched, and motivic homotopy theory
Contributing Authors. Preface. Part I: General surveys. Localizations W.G. Dwyer. 1. Introduction. 2. Algebra. 3. Homological localization in topology. 4. Localization with respect to a map. 5.