Au(i)-benzimidazole/imidazole complexes. Liquid crystals and nanomaterials.

  title={Au(i)-benzimidazole/imidazole complexes. Liquid crystals and nanomaterials.},
  author={Shu-Yen Hsu and Kimberly M Hsu and Max K. Leong and Ivan J. B. Lin},
  journal={Dalton transactions},
Three series of Au(I)-imidazole complexes with stoichiometries of [Au(Cn-bim)Cl], [Au(Cn-im)Cl], and [Au(Cn-im)2][NO3] x 2H2O (Cn-bim = N-CnH2n+1 -substituted benzimidazole and Cn-im = N-CnH2n+1-substituted imidazole) together with the compound of [Au(C18-bim)2][NO3] are synthesiszed. Typical structures of each series are determined by single crystal X-ray diffraction. The last series of compounds, are liquid crystals, and exhibit a wider mesophase range than their Ag(I) analogues. These Au(I… CONTINUE READING