Atypical progesterone profiles and fertility in Swedish dairy cows.

  title={Atypical progesterone profiles and fertility in Swedish dairy cows.},
  author={K-J Petersson and Hans Gustafsson and E Strandberg and Britt Berglund},
  journal={Journal of dairy science},
  volume={89 7},
The incidence of normal and atypical progesterone profiles in Swedish dairy cows was studied. Data were collected from an experimental herd over 15 yr, and included 1,049 postpartum periods from 183 Swedish Holstein and 326 Swedish Red and White dairy cows. Milk progesterone samples were taken twice weekly until initiation of cyclical ovarian activity and less frequently thereafter. Progesterone profiles were 1) normal profile: first rise in milk progesterone above the threshold value before d… CONTINUE READING

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