Atypical cellular blue nevus or malignant blue nevus?*

  title={Atypical cellular blue nevus or malignant blue nevus?*
  author={Luise Ribeiro Daltro and Lygia Bertalha Yaegashi and Rodrigo Abdalah Freitas and Bruno de Carvalho Fantini and Cacilda da Silva Souza},
  booktitle={Anais brasileiros de dermatologia},
Blue nevus is a benign melanocytic lesion whose most frequent variants are dendritic (common) blue nevus and cellular blue nevus. Atypical cellular blue nevus presents an intermediate histopathology between the typical and a rare variant of malignant blue nevus/melanoma arising in a cellular blue nevus. An 8-year-old child presented a pigmented lesion in the buttock since birth, but with progressive growth in the last two years. After surgical excision, histopathological examination revealed… CONTINUE READING

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Neoplasias melanocíticas benignas

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