Atuação do enfermeiro da estratégia saúde da família no incentivo ao aleitamento materno durante o período pré-natal

  title={Atuaç{\~a}o do enfermeiro da estrat{\'e}gia sa{\'u}de da fam{\'i}lia no incentivo ao aleitamento materno durante o per{\'i}odo pr{\'e}-natal},
  author={Ana Maria Resende Nascimento and Petra Martins da Silva and M. A. Nascimento and Gilberto de Souza and Renata Ang{\'e}lica Calsavara and Andreia Andrade Santos},
Objective: To present the actions a nurse can take during the prenatal period to encourage and support the pregnant women to proceed with the breastfeeding. Methodology: It was used a narrative revision. Thirty articles which discuss the theme were used in this study. Results: It is known that during the pregnancy period, women experience physical and emotional changes. Thus, it is important that health professionals are able to guide them through the puerperal pregnancy cycle and about the… CONTINUE READING