Attrition Causes among University Students: the Case of Gondar University, Gondar, North West Ethiopia

  • Published 2014


Objective: The main purpose of this study was to examine major contributing factors for student’s attrition in Gondar University. Methods: Questionnaire was used a means to obtain students response, simple random sampling used and four hundred fifty participants were involved. The data analyses were done based on the percentage, rank ordered and percentage comparison. Results: Lack of time management, carelessness, tension, fear of failure and lack of adequate effort were the top five personal factors for student’s attrition. Among the major challenging factors in the university environment; lack of facilities, adjustment problem with the campus life, and lack of special support services were identified reason for dropout. High work load, use of difficult assessment techniques, low grade, style of learning and poor quality of teaching were the top five reasons for attrition in academic aspect, and variations had been observed in sex, male students had reported low grade as the first most reason for attrition whereas females reported high work load. Lack of money for learning (coping, buying books, for assignment typing), shortage of money to support oneself (pocket money) were reasons for students dropout, however there is gender difference and male students more attributed these economic factors for students attrition than females. Further, friends, parents, partner, academic adviser and instructors were nearest people students would like to seek advice from or share their secret when they were thinking of dropout. And, there had been gender differences in people to whom students discussed with, that is, male students prefer to consult with academic adviser whereas females prefers to discussed with their parents. Good preparation/orientation program in the beginning of a semester, participating short term training (study skill, time management, life skills), increased support from academic advisor, improvement in financial situations and domestic (family duties) were the top five possible solution that improve students attrition problems. There is gender difference in the possible solution that changes students less likely to dropout; male students ranked participating short term training, making friends on campus, improvement in financial situations, whereas female students had agreed good preparation orientation a head of a semester, increased support from academic advisor and teaching staff were identified as a solution for the problem.

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